Julian and his horse Souchong

Julian first started healing animals as a young boy, saving insects on the edge of the pool by imposing his hands on their fragile bodies to provide them with energy. It worked and gave him the satisfaction of being useful to living creatures in their natural environment. 

As a grown man, he ignored his abilities for a while and worked for the French government for 25 years as a dog trainer in high-level security. He perfected his skills by competing in exhibitions for certified working dogs.

Constant contact with injured dogs brought him slowly back to his gift for healing. After seeing the results and the potential of his healing abilities, Julian decided to perfect his skills. He took classes in the Curative Magnetism process through an approach based on scientific measurements with a reputed French specialist, Arnaud Richard De Chicourt. 

Julian combined this knowledge and his experience with his own research about the spiritual and emotional impact of Curative Magnetism on an animal's health and well being. 

After meeting Ifigeneia, who was already working as an intuitive communicator and an emotion-based healer, he decided to dedicate himself full-time to healing animals, helping them recover their health and comfort with immediate results.

Ifigeneia has been a rider since childhood. She spent 10 years training and competing in the field of jumping. After an accident that put her health at risk, she discovered fasciatherapy and recovered the use of her right leg. This recovery prompted her to attend Jean Jacques Hantraye's class and become a qualified fasciatherapist. She started healing people and horses while studying Communication and Marketing at the University of Dijon in Burgundy, France. 
During a session of therapy with a horse her ability to communicate through telepathy became obvious. She was able to both transmit and receive precise information, including relevant details to help establish a diagnosis. Intuitive Communication quickly appeared as a method of solving behaviorial problems and understanding the root cause of all kinds of concerns for horses' owners.

Ifigeneia created her own company in 2017 to provide her services and quickly associated with French chiropractors and veterinarians to help with difficult diagnoses. Her association with Julian expanded her specialization and created a new approach in her work. Together as a team, Ifigeneia and Julian were able to provide a large range of complementary services to assist all kind of animals.

Ifigeneia and her horse Malousso



Julian and Ifigeneia first became known after offering their joint services to several Equestrian Centers in France. Through their combined techniques they manage to:

. Identify the root cause of health problems

. Restore health and sooth the pains of horses and riders on the recommendation of their veterinarian or chiropractor 

. Solve behaviorial problems

. Restore well being by targeting emotional imbalances and irrational fears in horses 

Ifigeneia and Julian have treated and cured thousands of animals and humans in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland and Canada. All their patients' feedbacks are available in French on www.facebook.com/ifigeneiaCA

Seeking to go further in finding alternative solutions to restore health and well being, Julian and Ifigeneia recently created their own company, IVI HEALING, in the United States and established a collaborative association with Stemaid Institute, a highly Innovative Health Care Provider for humans in Baja California, Mexico.  In collaboration with the doctors of the clinic, they have imagined protocols based on remote healing through Curative Magnetism, emotional healing through Fasciatherapy, and physical regeneration through Stem Cells and Exosome therapies. The integration of all the components of good health are taken into account in order to combine all the state-of-the-art practices to provide the best chance of a full recovery. 

Ifigeneia and Julian's goal today is to offer the same opportunity to horses and create an association with alternative veterinarians as they are able to prescribe exosomes. A collaboration with EIVS' Team would provide the opportunity to combine all their knowledge and 
skills with experienced and qualified holistic veterinarians and chiropractors for the best possible results.



4 year-old mare who could not put on weight and presented a deformation of the spine as well as a lack of energy.

20 year-old gelding suffering from cushing's disease with arthritis in the lumber region and hocks.

16 year-old gelding with multiple infectious foci and tumors on the tongue. Could not put on weight and could hardly move.

11 year-old mare tested positive with lyme disease. Ulcers and inflammation of the joints.

Those results were obtained in 6 days by regulating the metabolism and the blood circulation. 

Tendonitis 3 days after treatment.



Email: ifigenieajulian@gmail.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ifigeneiaCA

Web site: www.ifigeneia-julian.com

Julian's phone number: +33 6 19 55 67 73

Ifigeneia's phone number: +33 6 08 63 80 25